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Growing up in the suburbs of Baton Rouge, LA has given me a unique perspective which I bring to photography. There are no mountains, no blue water, no serene landscape for beautiful portrait backdrops, and that's where my creativity enhances your photos.

My passion for photography began as a hobby and has since grown into a profession I love. I am an "old soul" at heart, with a love for all things classic - movies, music, and even my favorite pastime of sitting on the (porch, beach balcony, bank of the river) sipping coffee at sunrise. I find inspiration in simple things in life like the beauty of fresh flowers, the early morning bird songs, and stars twinkling in the night sky. 

As a lover of science and art (degree in Biochemistry), I have a unique approach to my photography, creating images that are both technically perfect and visually stunning. My goal is to capture your genuine emotions, candid moments, and the essence of beauty in every snap.

While my favorite place to be is Florida's Emerald Coast, my favorite season is winter. There's something comforting about the chilly air and cozy surroundings. When it comes to summer in Louisiana, you'll find me indoors, catching up on Friends reruns, baking, organizing, or learning a new hobby.

I cannot wait to meet you and capture your beautiful family! Say hello below to get started!

Welcome to my world of artistry.

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Rooftop | Baton rouge, la


I could never thank you enough for these pictures!!!!! I cannot stop looking at them!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for getting them to us so quickly!!




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