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I'm an adventure seeker who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

about me

I'm morgan

I am so excited you're here. I am a traveler, coffee-addict, & burger connoisseur. 
I am an "old soul" at heart, with a love for all things classic - movies, music, and even my favorite pastime of sitting on the... porch, beach balcony, bank of the river - sipping coffee at sunrise or a fine cocktail or in the evening. I find inspiration in simple things in life like the beauty and aroma of fresh flowers. I have never been known to turn down fries, and quite frankly, they pair perfectly with every meal. 
While my favorite place to be is Florida's Emerald Coast, my favorite season is winter. There's something comforting about the chilly air and cozy surroundings. When it comes to summer in Louisiana, you'll find me indoors, catching up on Friends reruns, baking, organizing, or learning a new hobby.

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Adventure seeker, success-driven, & lover of light,  travel, and soft, glowing colors. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

Las Vegas was a beautiful place with so much to offer, but I also adore the southern charm of Charleston, SC, and I LOVE the beach!


guilty pleasure

Shopping - for every shade of white. Watching Friends reruns. Buying flowers. True crime podcasts.



Sipping coffee on the beach just after sunrise. 



Steak + a full-bodied red. (Cocktail hour? French 75, please)



I'm a cat lady (haha!), but I love animals, including majestic sea turtles and quirky little penguins.


part of my job

Meeting so many wonderful people and being able to create memories for them.

about you

You appreciate beauty, love genuine emotions, crave adventure, and hold dear the preservation of memories.

Being relaxed and having fun is an important part of your experience. As we create memories, we want those to be joyous moments. When you look back at your photos, you remember playing peek-a-boo through the flowers with your toddler, or the sweet snuggles under the tree. We create moments you want to frame for the world to see.

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