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I grew up in the suburbs of Baton Rouge, LA, and though I've traveled far and wide, I never left home. I love being near the city, but far enough to view the stars at night and hear the birds singing at dawn. Most everyone who knows me refers to me as an "old soul", as I enjoy older music, classic movies, all things 90s, and my favorite thing to do is sit in a rocking chair on the front porch sipping coffee at sunrise. 

I have a science background with a joy and appreciation for art - hence photography! I have always dabbled in the arts, but I never truly dove into anything quite like photography! I love to learn, and I am constantly catching up on the latest and greatest to best serve YOU!

My favorite place to be is Florida's Emerald Coast, but the oxymoron is my favorite season is winter. I only love the southern heat when I am soaking up the salty air and sunny shores. During the Louisiana summers, you can find me in the AC watching Friends reruns, baking, organizing, or learning a new hobby like painting or sewing.

If you love those candid shots and genuine emotions that I do, click the link below to say hello!

Your Family & Portrait Photographer

Hi, I'm Morgan!

Here's a snapshot into my world.

A Little Behind The Scenes Of My Life

Movies: Musicals - The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, and Les Miserables are my top 3.
Style: Classic and elegant - think Audrey Hepburn.
Music: 70's hits, 90's alternative, and country
Travels: My favorite city has been Charleston, SC because of the southern charm and gorgeous colors, but my favorite place is the beach.
Food: Burger, steak, and FRENCH FRIES! 
Animal: I love the sea turtle, and I grew up with dogs as pets, but now I have three cats. I was not always a cat person, but they are hilarious, and I love a good laugh!

Santorini, Greece

These are a few of my favorite things

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My Family

My Family

In the words of
Julie Andrews:

Rooftop | Baton rouge, la


I could never thank you enough for these pictures!!!!! I cannot stop looking at them!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for getting them to us so quickly!!




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