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Did I mention I like to eat?! I love, love, LOVE food! And growing up in the food capital of the world (am I right, fellow Louisianans?!), what better place to be for just that! 
I love to stay busy, having had at least two jobs since high school. My passion for photography began as a hobby and has since grown into a profession I love. I am an "old soul" at heart, with a love for all things classic - movies, music, and even my favorite pastime of sitting on the... porch, beach balcony, bank of the river - sipping coffee at sunrise or a fine cocktail in the evening. I find inspiration in simple things in life like the beauty and aroma of fresh flowers. I have never been known to turn down french fries, and quite frankly, they pair perfectly with every meal. Am I still talking about food??
Anyway, as a lover of science and art - Biochemistry degree - I have a unique approach to my photography, creating images that are both technically perfect and visually stunning. My goal is to capture your genuine emotions, candid moments, and the essence of beauty in every snap.
While my favorite place to be is Florida's Emerald Coast, my favorite season is winter. There's something comforting about the chilly air and cozy surroundings. When it comes to summer in Louisiana, you'll find me indoors, catching up on Friends reruns, baking, organizing, or learning a new hobby.
I cannot wait to meet you and capture your beautiful family! Say hello below to get started!

am so excited you're here. I am a traveler, coffee-addict, & burger connoisseur.  I lack the ability to sit still, so if you ask me if I have seen a TV show, the answer is likely no (except Friends).


Your bubbly & adventurous photographer

I'm Morgan!

A snapshot into my life

The happiest place I can ever find myself is near the sound of crashing waves and powdery, white sand beneath my feet. Though I am partial to the gulf coast, I will take any beach. My favorite thing about the gulf coast is being able to sit in the same spot on the beach and watch both the sunrise and the sunset on the shore.


My Favorite Things

As a natural busy-body, coffee is my fuel. I can drink coffee all day and still get a full night's sleep. I find myself most productive after being caffeinated and listening to a great audiobook or podcast. It brings me serenity, but also allows me to separate myself from the world around me and solely focus on my tasks.  Throw in some fresh flowers sitting next to me, and I am unstoppable!

Coffee & Flowers

I've mentioned many times that I love the beach - so I know you get the point! I also love to travel anywhere! Southwest points FTW! I've taken so many personality tests, and they all point to the same results - dominant, direct, determined and enthusiastic, outgoing, adventurous, so deciding on a Thursday to take a weekend trip to anywhere is never out of the ordinary for me.


"Morgan was wonderful to work with! We had a milestone session scheduled for my 6 month old at eleven and I was a little stressed about her nap time lining up with the pictures. Professional pictures tend to stress me out in general, to be honest. Morgan assured me not to worry and specifically said to not wake my baby for pictures. Fast forward and we were able to complete the shoot so quickly because my girl was well rested and happy. I don't even have to speak for her work - just look at her portfolio. The pictures looked amazing on her camera as she was snapping them. I am so glad I booked with her and cannot get these pictures on the wall fast enough! Love them!"

milestone session

Robinson Family

Morgan was phenomenal! From helping me plan our outfits to guiding us through poses to capture the most amazing photos of our family - she did it all! I’ve already prebooked my next session and cannot wait to do it all over again with Morgan because she is such a delight to work with!

Family session

Weber Family

I could never thank Morgan enough for these pictures!!!!! I cannot stop looking at them!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for getting them to us so quickly!! Morgan is the best!

proposal & Event Session

Brindley & Noah

The photos are AMAZING, Morgan!!!! I could not have asked for more!!! I love love love them!!! I seriously don't know how you did it, but they are so precious!!! Everyone is going to die when they see these! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Children's Session

Thompson Family

I love all of the photos! Morgan is so, so talented!

Senior Session

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Looking back at photos is always an emotional experience. Often a simple picture can bring back old memories and stories that were nearly lost in time. Every photograph is an opportunity to capture the essence of a moment, immortalizing it for generations to come. 

I have created this FREE Facebook group for mothers and mothers-to-be as a community to support each other, share trials and wins, and even a joke or two! 
This will also be where I announce limited edition sessions, release dates, sign-ups, exclusive deals, and more! 
Join a space that is comfortable, supportive, and entertaining with other moms in our community!

When you become a mom, life totally changes. Relationships change, priorities change, and time changes. You spend most of your time talking to a baby who can't talk back, and before you know it, you miss chatting with adults!